Demons in the TV (Book Review)

demons in the tvI met Christoph Paul last year at Bizarrocon in Portland and heard him read some funny bits from The Passion of Christoph so of course I had check out one of his books.

Paul plays in the rock band Moses Moses so it’s no surprise that his story collection reminded me of a rock album with rap sensibilities. The title story “Demons in the TV” is a funny tale about a young boy who’s a bit brainwashed by religion and decides to exorcise the demons from the television set one night. The third story “The Masturbating Vampire” really sold me. It draws on the Spanish colonization of the New World and skews history by throwing in vampires and a twisted priest who thinks he’s doing God’s will. The ending is hilarious and a little sickening.

“Christophous” is a meta-fictional account of Christoph Paul attempting to sell his soul for book sales and convo with Jonathan Franzen who is supposed to be Satan in the flesh. At first I thought the story was out of place, but I think serves as a skit of sorts, similar to rap albums. It’s gives the read a nice break before diving back in.

The rest of the book covers a variety of genres and story structures. Political humor isn’t really my cup of tea, but I’m sure someone would love “The Little Drone that Could.” Other than that, “Hustle and Fly” is a hilarious story about a pigeon who gives up the life of pimping for a female who inspires him to change his ways.

I wish the thematic content of Demons in the TV was a little more cohesive and dark, but I like the diversity and the unpredictability of what I was going on. Anyway, you should peep this solid collection of funny, weird and provocative stories from Christoph Paul.

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