Children of No One (Book Review)

children_of_no_oneChildren of No One is a cosmic horror novella written by Nicole Cushing and published by Dark Fuse.

I have to confess it’s been a long time since I’ve read some good ole’ fashioned cosmic horror and Cushing delivers in spades.

A wealthy man named Mr. McPherson travels to Nowhere, Indiana, desperate to see a new art exhibit by the sadistic Mr. Krieg. Here we find an pitch-black underground maze, home to a number of kidnapped children who spend their days searching for food from “angels” in the dark labyrinth.

Mr. Krieg’s assistant/collaborator is a nihilistic figure who goes by the name of No One and he plans on conducting a ritual that will bring forth a dark deity in the maze.

The novella is only 55 pages so I don’t want to ruin the surprises in this well paced book. There are so many good moments in this book, everything from the harrowing interview in the beginning, to the crazy sacrifices McPherson has to make, and the actual trip into the maze. Great stuff.

Cushing writes some pretty damn good dialogue that suits each character perfectly. Plus, she switches up her lyrical prose to differentiate chapters involving the boys in the maze.

If you like writers like Thomas Ligotti, Richard Gavin, Mark Samuels, Reggie Oliver, or Simon Strantzas, this will be up your alley. Also, I’m happy to see a female author working in this sub-genre of horror fiction.

Children of No One is a disturbing, tense exploration of performance art blended together with cosmic horror and the occult.

I seriously can’t wait to read her new book I Am the New God this spring.

Buy it here:

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