Moosejaw Frontier (Book Review)

moosejaw frontier coverMoosejaw Frontier is the debut novella by the bizarro newcomer Chris Kelso. Now the cover should give you a huge clue as to what to expect when it comes to this book. The finely dressed gentleman with his mind messily splattered all over the page foreshadows the feeling you will have when you finish the last page.

The storyline involves multiple characters whose lives overlap and intersect endlessly. There’s Juan who gets tossed in jail for this mysterious book called Memoirs. Then there’s a cult who worships this book as well as time detectives. Even Kelso himself becomes a character in the book.

Kelso’s prose is clear and concise and actually rings of an author with many more years under his belt.

The only warning I would give to the people is be weary if you’ve never read metafiction before. It can be a little heavy at times, but it’s fun to wade through. Kelso goes as so far to apologize to the reader at the end of the book.

Moosejaw Frontier is not an easy read yet begs to be read many more times to decipher its inner meaning. I guess that is the magic of this book. It keeps you’re mind firing on all cylinders. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Kelso comes up with next.

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