Gigantic Death Worm (Book Review)

Gigantic Death Worm is the debut novella from Bizarro newcomer Vince Kramer and it’s awesome.

Three college friends go on a ski trip and end up getting stuck on a ski lift. Mike gets killed early on, leaving Dave and Suzanne alone in the frigid cold with some crazy bears below them. Things become really absurd and laugh out loud hilarious at this point. And of course the giant death worms come and tear shit up. Will they survive? Well you’ll have to buy this book to find out.

Gigantic Death Worm is a hilarious, over-the-top ride into bizarro territory. The characters are cheesy and the content reminds me of a b-movie, but the “it’s so bad it’s good” type of movie. Kramer keeps a brisk pace and pushes you until your funny bone breaks. Blow-jobs, bears, and bizarro oh-my!

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