The Skeleton Draft

So I want to give my readers some insight into my writing process, primarily the Skeleton Draft.

I write a number of drafts, but the first complete draft, from beginning to finish is something I call the Skeleton Draft.

It resembles a skeleton in every way. It is lean, mean, but lacks substance-the organs. So through much editing and revising I add these vital organs, enriching the manuscript and giving it life.

The main problem is knowing how much meat to add because too much beef can leave the story unbalanced while too little lacks the necessary parts to survive and flourish.

Enough of the meat metaphors.

Anyway, the skeleton draft is the first solid step of the writing process for me. It’s the necessary foundation for subsequent drafts, without it everything would fall apart.

Literally. (Morgan Freeman voice)

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2 Responses to The Skeleton Draft

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  2. Ana says:

    I’m writing the first draft of a short story this week, and I was just thinking it was a skeleton draft. I like figuring out how I will develop my story by writing the bare bones. I’ll decide what stays so I can beef it up later.🙂

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