Normal: Book One (Book Review)

Ellis-Normal1So I’m a big fan of Warren Ellis especially his comic book work. However, I wasn’t too keen on his first book Crooked Little Vein. I think he just had to find his footing with the medium. He seemed to have adapted to the novel form and knocked one out of the park with Gun Machine. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Normal, but I have high hopes. Normal is a novella that’s dropping in November. In the meantime, he’s trying something new though. Before the full book gets released, Normal is coming as a digital serial in four parts. Below are my loose thoughts in a list.

  1. Dope ass cover. It’s poppin and eye-catching at the same time.
  2. I love Ellis’ sharp descriptions of the characters and their voices. Really knows how to carve a character’s mental space in a short amount of words.
  3. The trademark black humor is sprinkled throughout the narrative, keeping things from getting too serious and dark.
  4. Great concept: corporate futurists suffering from abyss gaze in need of a digital detox. Think digital rehab, but taken to the upmost extreme deep in the pacific northwest.
  5. The cliffhanger is a killer and I can’t wait to digitally crack open part two.
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Jacque Mirage-The Birds X: Director’s Cut

I just dropped a new track called The Bird’s X: Director’s Cut (prod. by Heaven in Stereo). Check it out below.

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Two Year Anniversary of A Lightbulb’s Lament

It’s the two year anniversary of my second book release A Lightbulb’s Lament. I started working on this baby back in my college days at NIU. I was somewhat depressed at the time and wrote this to remedy my depression and give light to another world.

Part of me still can’t believe this exists in the world. I had to fight so hard to keep this book alive and well. There was a time it was stuck in contract hell with a dead publishing company. Before that, I lost the original draft of the book on my laptop and learned to back up my work the hard way. I’m happy it has a home with Bizarro Pulp Press who have been nothing, but good to me and have given me total creative freedom. What else could you ask for?

If you read this and enjoyed it, please leave a review.

You can buy it on Amazon here

Oh yeah and the drawing below is done by me and the colors are done by Brandon Duncan. Super rare. Shoutout to Tesla.




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Jacque Mirage-All I Know

I know haven’t dropped new music in a million years, but here we are. Check out “All I Know” (prod. by Heaven in Stereo).

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The Sacred Art of Tweeting

I’ve been on twitter since 2009. When I first joined I was just curious and wanted to see what this new social media wave was about. Initially, I hated it. Twitter felt like an endless sea of facebook statuses.  I started selling some short stories and promoting my music and I felt like twitter might be able to push me to the next level. The thing I didn’t anticipate was how much work it took. Tweet after tweet after tweet.

Six years later, it’s my favorite social media platform. I find it so much more engaging than facebook or google plus. And I’ve been able to make a good number of book sales just through connecting with other users and getting to know them.

The twitterlands is such a vibrant space. I love tuning in. However, sometimes I feel like I’m at loss as how to increase my follower count or become more engaging. I think the secret formula is to be yourself and try to start some interesting conversation threads. Also, I think this needs to be supplemented by putting out more books and art in general.

I’m writing all this mainly because one of my tweets really took off at the start of May. You can read it below.

It’s such a simple tweet and I didn’t expect people to respond to it so well. I do sincerely believe communication is key in all relationships. 185 retweets and 226 favorites is crazy to me. Imagine if I maintained that consistency throughout my timeline. This gave me the boost I needed to see what else I can with twitter and how far my reach can extend.

I’ll keep y’all posted on what happens and follow me on twitter bruh bruh.

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(Seoul)ful Beginnings

A few of you might be wondering what the hell I’ve been up to and why this space has been so quiet. Well, that’s a good question. I’ve been settling into my new command in Seoul, South Korea. Originally, I was supposed to be going down to Daegu. Then some bigwigs decided to just keep me in Seoul which is cool since this is a poppin city.

I finally got some internet in my life so I’ll be able to keep y’all updated more frequently. I know haven’t dropped any art in a while, but a few things have been bubbling behind the scenes and have finally came to fruition.

First bit of news: I got a new short story titled “A Home-Cooked Meal” published in the newest issue of Dark Moon Digest. This is my first publication in 2016 and I’ve been wanting to get in this magazine for a long time. Plus, I set this story in Spain and sprinkled in a good amount of Spanish.

Second bit of news: Chris Lambert (author of Killer & Victim, and editor at Red Fez magazine) asked me to record the intro for a new podcast that’s focused on craft, writing, etc. for Red Fez. Of course I had to jump on the opportunity and you can hear the final result at the link below.

I know it’s only May, but I have a few more surprises up my sleeve. So keep your eyes here.

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King Space Void (Book Review)

51LS2O93OKL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgBeing in the military I tend to a travel a lot, to the point where airports are my third home.  On the way back from LA (specifically #AWP16) I settled into the exit row and cracked open King Space Void by bizarro newcomer Anthony Trevino.

Dane Shipps works inside the guts of a giant planet eating entity known as King Space Void. He never questions his existence or the floating God he worships until a couple of pods make a crash landing into his workspace. He meet a dangerous woman who makes him question his existence and he joins her to meet King Space Void, collect some answers, and ultimately destroy his God to save the universe.

This is one of those books that makes you question blind faith, becoming a cog in a corrupt corporation, and becoming “woke” in general. Trevino does it in subtle way  and doesn’t bang you over the head with social commentary. His prose is crisp and the novella doesn’t overstay its welcome.

King Space Void is a fun slice of Kirbyesque bizarro sci-fi and a solid debut from Anthony Trevino. I’m excited to see what else Trevino has to offer in the future.

Buy it here:

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