Views from the Hippo

24bcc58fa03a19251e6a7820f6f9943aBenoit Lelievre reviewed my book Notes from the Guts of a Hippo over at Dead Follies. This has to be one of the most insightful reviews I’ve ever received.

“It’s a witty, cunning and cerebral novella that offers multiple layers of enjoyment that challenges the entire foundation of reader/writer relationship.”

Plus, he makes a Kanye comparison so you know I’m beaming.

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Only Bones (Book Review)

Bones-300dpiI like to keep my eye on a lot of writers. When I heard that Daniel Vlasaty was writing a crime fiction novella set in Chicago, I instantly became hyped. I read his first book The Church of TV as God and it was a solid debut in the bizarro genre. However, I’m always curious to see people switch lanes and if they can pull it off.

I cracked open Only Bones before going to bed and burnt through it within a matter of hours. The main character Daniel is a bike messenger who’s life revolves around popping pills and drifting around the Chicago. Addiction is a sonuvabitch. We find out Daniel is in debt to his drug dealer Lawrence and will do anything to keep the pills coming. To pay off his debt, Daniel starts running packages for him, but shit hits the fan. Daniel runs into corrupt cops, rival drug dealers, and a number of other issues.

The prose in Only Bones is just that-bare bones; lean and loaded. There’s not a single scrap of fluff or fat to be found. Each sentence hits like a hard hitting beat. Reminded me of Charlie Huston.

Vlasaty definitely knows Chicago like the back of his hand and describes certain streets and neighborhoods to a T. Plus, the first person narrative really gives you inside look of a pill addict. You feel Daniel’s pain and desperation dripping off every other page.

Only Bones is Daniel Vlasaty’s first foray into crime fiction and well worth your time and money. It shows how sharp and versatile he is. I feel like a fiend because I can’t wait for the next literary rush he offers.

Buy the book here:

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Jacque Mirage-Out Here (New Music Alert)

Check out my new song “Out Here” (prod. by Martin $ky). A lot of people are saying this is one of my best songs. Let me know if you agree. Peep the link below.

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Normal: Book One (Book Review)

Ellis-Normal1So I’m a big fan of Warren Ellis especially his comic book work. However, I wasn’t too keen on his first book Crooked Little Vein. I think he just had to find his footing with the medium. He seemed to have adapted to the novel form and knocked one out of the park with Gun Machine. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Normal, but I have high hopes. Normal is a novella that’s dropping in November. In the meantime, he’s trying something new though. Before the full book gets released, Normal is coming as a digital serial in four parts. Below are my loose thoughts in a list.

  1. Dope ass cover. It’s poppin and eye-catching at the same time.
  2. I love Ellis’ sharp descriptions of the characters and their voices. Really knows how to carve a character’s mental space in a short amount of words.
  3. The trademark black humor is sprinkled throughout the narrative, keeping things from getting too serious and dark.
  4. Great concept: corporate futurists suffering from abyss gaze in need of a digital detox. Think digital rehab, but taken to the upmost extreme deep in the pacific northwest.
  5. The cliffhanger is a killer and I can’t wait to digitally crack open part two.
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Jacque Mirage-The Birds X: Director’s Cut

I just dropped a new track called The Bird’s X: Director’s Cut (prod. by Heaven in Stereo). Check it out below.

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Two Year Anniversary of A Lightbulb’s Lament

It’s the two year anniversary of my second book release A Lightbulb’s Lament. I started working on this baby back in my college days at NIU. I was somewhat depressed at the time and wrote this to remedy my depression and give light to another world.

Part of me still can’t believe this exists in the world. I had to fight so hard to keep this book alive and well. There was a time it was stuck in contract hell with a dead publishing company. Before that, I lost the original draft of the book on my laptop and learned to back up my work the hard way. I’m happy it has a home with Bizarro Pulp Press who have been nothing, but good to me and have given me total creative freedom. What else could you ask for?

If you read this and enjoyed it, please leave a review.

You can buy it on Amazon here

Oh yeah and the drawing below is done by me and the colors are done by Brandon Duncan. Super rare. Shoutout to Tesla.




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Jacque Mirage-All I Know

I know haven’t dropped new music in a million years, but here we are. Check out “All I Know” (prod. by Heaven in Stereo).

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