Performance Alert


This Saturday, I’m performing a small set of songs at Secret Society in Seoul. Koncept is headlining the event and Part Time Cook is hosting it. I’m considered a special guest along with DNT Stop. If you’re in South Korea, you should come thru the cut and support your boy. I plan to tear the stage down #StoveTopSessions

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Jacque Mirage – Mirage Season

mirageseason1-hiresI just dropped my new mixtape #MirageSeason the day after Thanksgiving. I haven’t dropped a project in two years so this is a pretty big deal for me. I used to rap under the name GS and this is the debut project under my new moniker. It’s experimental in a lot of ways. I played around with flows, beats, and aut0-tune (something I used to hate). There’s production from Heaven in Stereo, Roman Flwrs, and Martin $ky. Plus, features from the Young Gods and CJP.

Art by Mike Kleine.

You can download and listen to the project on soundcloud below.


You can also peep the project on bandcamp. If you really dig it, you pay what you want at the link below and download it.

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My Days Are Numbered…

…in Korea.

So it looks like my time in Korea is being cut short thanks to the Navy.  Sad, I know. I haven’t even been here a full year and I’m already about to be out the door.  Sometime in December, I’ll be on my way to Norfolk, Virginia and I’ll be stationed on the USS Eisenhower which will be my final command before I get out the military in 2018.

I had a bit of a hard time accepting the news. Various things out of my control factored into the equation. At some point, I realized I was screaming into the void and ultimately resisting this cosmic current heading my way.

You would think my grasp on the Korean language would be mediocre by now, but that’s far from the truth. I know how to swear in a variety of ways and a few survivor terms, but that’s about it. Wish I could’ve had an extra year to expand my vocabulary and explore the culture.

It’s bittersweet mainly because I met a lot of cool people-local and foreign. Really started to settle in and a get a feel for the land. The theatre community is pretty dope and I met a lot of dynamic creative types who were pretty open and embracing. I managed to perform some poetic pieces at Southside Parlor so shoutout to them. Also, had a few creative collabs in the works. Plus, I was cast as a sexbot in a play, but had to drop out because my life was too complicated to commit.

Still, the memories I made were poppin. Even the soju-fueled nights of drunkeness, will be cherished. I’ll miss the tteokbokki, the matching couples, the sound of kakao waking me up in the middle of the night, the yellow dust, the masks, the foggy sunset, the sound of cicadas buzzing away, the fashion obsessed youth, the karaoke joints, etc.

Of course I don’t want to leave and even now I’m trying my best to soak up as much of Korea as I can. I’m enjoying my time left, but don’t worry, I’ll be back in due time.

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Jacque Mirage – The Birds X (Official Music Video)

Peep the new visuals for my dark, trippy song “The Birds X” off my upcoming tape Mirage Season. Matthew Revert put together the video and did a fantastic job.

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Automated Daydreaming: The Five Lives of Bricker Cablejuice (Book Review)

51vkg8ph1tlImmortality has been glamorized for ages. William Pauley III explores the dark side of immortality in his ambitious novel Automated Daydreaming: The Five Lives of Bricker Cablejuice.

Last year, I was lucky enough to read the poignant chapbook The Mermaid’s Gallow. It turns out to be one section of this book. Just imagine a group of dying mermaids, a suicidal couple and jellyfish drugs. If you’re not sold already, you might be mad.

The book opens with a brief explanation of the events preceding Bricker Cablejuice’s sad ass story. A couple of cops stumble up the mutilated remains of Airman Bricker Cablejuice in a church along with a letter from Dr. Perry Gordon. Gordon leaves instructions on how to download Cablejuice’s consciousness and read his thoughts in real time. From this point, the cops are able to read about the dream-like lives of Cablejuice and come to the realization that he is still ticking.

The narrative moves in dizzying spirals a la Uzumaki. You get a intimate view into Bricker Cablejuice’s five lives. They’re all extremely different and immersive. You experience his brief military career, the realization of his immortality, his run-ins with Perry Gordon who may be a genius and/or a madman. It’s a collage of Cronenbergian dark vibes that I couldn’t get enough of.

Automated Daydreaming is a surreal, hallucinatory exploration of the dark side of immortality and science. I’ve read the majority of William Pauley III’s catalogue and this one towers above the rest.  I have a feeling he’s really starting to hit his stride and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in 2017.

You can buy the book here:



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The Devil’s Heart

tumblr_nz5qr7jnc21ub399lo1_400The ghost of sleep paralysis visited me this afternoon.

Growing up, I suffered from sleep paralysis. Most of the time, it would happen during naps. I would wake up in my bed, completely lucid yet paralyzed. A shadowy figure would hover off screen, screaming in my face. I couldn’t move at all. The figure would pick me up and throw me across the room or spin me in dizzying circles. I felt like a powerless ragdoll and I felt every bit of pain. I thought I was the only one this happened to until I stumbled across a few documentaries in my early teens. Eventually, I bought a hand of fatima necklace and it stopped. It was such a relief to be able to take naps again and sleep peacefully.


I had a “waking dream” where I woke up in my bedroom completely lucid and aware I was in a dream-state. My room was doused in darkness. I tried to take action and get a grasp on this dream before shit hit the fan. I stood up and stretched. My hands brushed the ceiling and it seemed much lower than it should have been. I slipped and tumbled downward into the darkness. This went on for some time before a voice emanated from the darkness.

“I know everything about you.”

I tried to find the speaker in the darkness, but no dice.

The male voice continued. “What are you doing here?!? This is the devil’s heart.”

I woke up thoroughly shaken.

Might be time to invest in another necklace….


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The Art of Perfecting the Rap Squat


I have a new article published by the good folks at Clash. I teach you the ancient art of perfecting the rap squat below. Check it out.

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