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Zero Saints (Book Review)

When I was younger, I would use certain words until their meaning lost all impact. One of my favorite words was INTENSE. School was intense, my love life was intense, every movie was intense. It was a wonder I made … Continue reading

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The Return…to America

Almost forgot to tell y’all I’m back in the states. It’s been two years. Definitely a weird experience. Everything seems much more expensive and I forgot how big everything is (portion sizes, bathrooms, houses, cars, etc.). Still, I miss Espana … Continue reading

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Slasher Camp for Nerd Dorks (Book Review)

Most of the time I see a movie trailer for a new slasher flick, part of me gets excited and the other part groans. Let’s be honest, most of the slasher territory has been run over to death, but I … Continue reading

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Post Halloween Madness

It’s raining Komodo dragons and sangria outside my window now. I’m feeling a little out sorts since this was my last weekend in Spain and I fly back to the states this Friday. It will be weird adjusting back to … Continue reading

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Bucket List Goals

So I found out that I was selected as one of the 15 Small Press Studs. This no small feat and I’m super excited to see this post below. I can check this off my bucket list and die happy … Continue reading

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Kanye West Reanimator (Book Review)

Kanye West-Reanimator is the debut novella by Joshua Chaplinksy who is known as the managing editor of Litreactor. This slim book centers on Kanye West’s come up in the music industry and juxtaposes the story of the Reanimator with West’s … Continue reading

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4 Poems Drowned in Lean

I got 4 new poems published at Horror, Sleaze and Trash. They involve ufos, pizza, dead saints, and potholes. Check em out at the link below.

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