The Mask Behind the Face (Book Review)

mask_behind_face_240x360The Mask Behind the Face is a short story collection written by Stuart Young. The title novella “The Mask Behind the Face” is worth the admission alone. It’s the story of a man with Pick’s disease whose behaviors, hobbies and personality traits shifts. This causes a slight rift in his family life and makes the first part of the book tense. He takes up painting (a new hobby) and becomes pretty good at it within a short time. Later, he sees the face of God shortly after taking up meditation. However, things take a dark turn and nothing is what it seems. There’s a thread of conspiracy running throughout the whole narrative that makes the narrator start to lose it. Young’s prose is lyrical and hypnotic and the pacing his excellent. I’ve tripped a few times in the past off various hallucinogens and Young does a great job of describing this elusive dream-like feeling during the meditation sessions. I’m surprised more horror fans don’t know about this book. This is novella is a cosmic horror gem and I highly recommend it.

The rest of the collection is composed of solid short stories that evoke a Twilight Zone feel and are worth a read as well. Pick this book up.

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The Strange Edge Issue #0

The Strange Edge 0Check out The Strange Edge Issue #0. Weird absurd fiction, an interview with Chris Kelso, poetry, a cover from Matthew Revert, and more. Plus, you can check out my fake album review of Black Crystal’s non-existent album Quartz Mania! The link is below and it’s FREE.

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Mini Tarot Card Readings Now Available


I’m offering mini-tarot card readings for $10 on my big cartel storefront. Basically you ask a question and I use the cards to determine the past present and future around subject. So hop on this mystical wave and ask me a few questions bruh bruh.

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555 Vol. 1: None So Worthy is finally available!

555 vol 1- none so worthy555 Vol 1: None So Worthy just dropped on Amazon and is part of the first wave of books released by Carrion Blue 555. Contributors were asked to write 55 stories of 55 words each. I have 55 stories in this anthology and I think they’re pretty badass. My section is called “Paradise Falls” and mostly revolves around drugs, urban horror, and surreal weirdness. This probably was one of the most challenging writing exercises I had to do, but well worth it. And anyway who knows me, knows how much I love numerology so 555 is the perfect antho for me. Don’t forget to check out the other contributors, who are pretty amazing in their own right, listed on the attached cover image and you can purchase the book at the link below.

Plus, I still can’t believe they put one of my short stories on the back cover.

Purchase link below.

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Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment-Surf (Album Review)

soxI’ve been listening to Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment’s surprise album SURF over the last few days slowly digesting it. Of course I wanted this to be a Chance the Rapper album, but it’s so much more than that. The fact that he actually puts his friends at the forefront of an album and stepped aside says a lot about the man.

It reminds me of a huge soulful jam session. Of course the frequent Chicago collaborators are there such as Joey Purp, Saba, Noname Gypsy, King Louie, Jeremih, etc. The entire collective hits a soul endearing vein of funk and mines it’s just right. The overall warm vibes compliments this summer season and the positive messages come across as truly genuine.

Then there’s the two songs where Donnie Trumpet really goes in on his solo tip. “Nothing Came to Me” is a jazzy expanse resembling something akin to beautiful nothingness. “Something Came to Me” feels triumphant as if Donnie overcome a huge obstacle and finally figured something out. Also, I love the fact that there’s no other vocalists. Simply Donnie and his Trumpet putting in work.

Surf is definitely a win for the Social Experiment and I can’t wait to see what the crew cooks up next.

“Warm Enough,” “Rememory” and “Sunday Vibes” are my favorite tracks this very moment.

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New Interview Flow


So Christoph Paul recently interviewed me on his fantastic podcast The Passion of Christoph. We discussed Yeezus, hiphop, rap beef, American girls vs. Spanish girls, and life.

Listen/Download the podcast here:

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Matt Meets Vik (Book Review)

mattmeetsvikandishThere are certain presses that always deliver the goods aka that literary dope and Civil Coping Mechanisms is one of them. The latest book I’ve read is Matt Meets Vik by Timothy Willis Sanders and it’s certainly worth a read.

Matt, the protagonist, meets a pretty Czechoslovakian girl at a bar and the narrative details all of the ups and downs of their budding relationship. One huge component that makes you feel for the narrator is the drug aspect.

It may not seem like the most original plot, but the way it’s told is what makes the book magical. Sanders employs this disarmingly simple prose to hook you and lets you in on these snippets of Matt’s wide spectrum of thoughts. You know those little fears and nagging doubts we have when we first start dating someone. It’s all here and then some.

Also, it’s really cool to see a black protagonist who isn’t in a bad neighborhood or selling drugs or any other stupid stereotypical shit certain writers like to do. Kudos to Sanders.

When I finished reading the last page on my kindle and stared the 99% completion bar. I couldn’t believe it was over. I laid on my bed slightly depressed and happy. I stared out the window and watched the birds move in cryptic patterns and wondered when the hell Sanders is going to come out with another book. I need another fix.

Matt Meets Vik is an engaging albeit unconventional boy meets girl type of of story, but it resonates like a mofo.

Buy it here:

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