Kanye West Reanimator (Book Review)

kanyewest-reanimatorKanye West-Reanimator is the debut novella by Joshua Chaplinksy who is known as the managing editor of Litreactor.

This slim book centers on Kanye West’s come up in the music industry and juxtaposes the story of the Reanimator with West’s widely successful music career. We follow West as he struggles to be recognized for both his production skills as well as his rapping. Somewhere along the way, he becomes obsessed with reanimating the dead via his potent music.

The story is told by a Lovecraftian narrator who poses as West’s friend throughout the book and co-conspirator in West’s efforts to re-animate the dead. The prose may be off-putting to those unfamiliar with Lovecraft’s work, but the rhythm should be easy to get used to.

Kanye stans with an open mind should enjoy the hell out of this book. I can see a few people getting a little mad because a few jabs are taken at Kanye. However, it’s done in good taste and it’s obvious the author knows Kanye’s musical path pretty well.

Kanye West Reanimator is quirky yet entertaining biography of Kanye filtered through a Lovecraftian lens. It’s a testament to Chaplinsky’s skills as a writer that he could take two different worlds (hip-hop and Lovecraft) and seamlessly stitch them together into a helluva entertaining book.

Shoutout to Dyer Wilk (art) and Matthew Revert (design) for the dope ass cover.

Buy the book here.


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4 Poems Drowned in Lean

leaned outI got 4 new poems published at Horror, Sleaze and Trash. They involve ufos, pizza, dead saints, and potholes. Check em out at the link below.


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Cunning Plans: Talks by Warren Ellis (Book Review)

25693787I have to preface this review by admitting I’m big fan of Warren Ellis in just about every way. His comic book work is amazing and innovative. He has hardly disappointed me except for his first novel Crooked Little Vein, but his batting average is pretty damn consistent. He came back ten times as hard with his second novel Gun Machine.  I’ve been introduced to his some of his non-fiction work in the past thanks to some excellent essays online and his entertaining newsletter. So it’s no surprise that I really got a kick out of this book and hope I can attend one of his talks in person in the future.

The first talk is fantastic and really draws you into Ellis’ cynical yet hopeful atmosphere. He explains the history of cunning men, futuristic shamen who dare to dig into the future. Shit, Ellis is probably a direct descendent of these cunning men.

Every talk is a little different, but informative. He explains how everything is truly connected in the universe and how every bit of information (places, pop music, science fiction) can be traced back to an identifiable root. The combination of history and folklore really puts some things in perspective.

Towards the second half of the book, he argues about the point of science fiction and its place in literature. Ellis reaches back into history, tears away all the bullshit, and rips the root out to show you the entire timeline of science fiction and employs this same method in many of his talks. .

“The future isn’t seeing the circus approach town from up the road, coming straight towards you. It’s everything. It’s standing on the headlands and seeing an entire weather system, the breadth of the whole horizon, swirling around and inching towards us, cirrus by thunderhead by rainstorm.”

If you like Warren Ellis’ work at all, you’ll definitely enjoy Cunning Plans. It’s an informative and oddly entertaining collection of talks and bubbling with a love for the future and all of its possibilities.


Buy the book here: http://www.amazon.com/CUNNING-PLANS-Talks-Warren-Ellis-ebook/dp/B00Z9LFC8U

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September Steez

Hiking in El Bosque

Hiking in El Bosque

It’s September and we’re back in it.

I know I’ve been gone from the blog for a hot minute, but I’ve been living life and cooking up some things behind the scenes. First off, I finished my crime fiction novella Black Gypsies and submitted it to a publisher  I’ve been wanting to work with for a long time. So keep your fingers crossed that my baby gets accepted. It’s probably the most realistic book I’ve written and it’s a departure from my usual bizarro work. Plus, it’s full of black characters and black culture.

Secondly, Boned is starting to pop up in some film festivals. The cool thing about this flick is my friend Laura Lee Bahr wrote and directed the movie. Plus, one of my older rap songs “Too Late” is featured in one scene. Check out the trailer below.

Third, I’m sad to say I’m leaving Spain in a few weeks. The country has had a profound impact on me and I can’t wait to come back. I’m going back to the midwest for a little RnR and then I’m off to Fort Meade for broadcasting school. I haven’t really messed with a video camera for some time so this should be interesting. Then I’m going back overseas to Korea for some time.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my last days in Spain, working on a book called Young World, and writing a few tracks for a mixtape I’m working on.

Summer’s coming to an end. Go outside. Get some sun. Love somebody.

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Jigsaw Youth (Book Review)

jigsaw youth coverTwo years ago, I read and reviewed Tiffany Scandal’s debut There is No Happy Ending and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve been waiting to see what she cooked up next and she delivered her second book in the form of Jigsaw Youth released by Ladybox Books.

Artists and creative types usually fear the dreaded sophomore slump, but this concept must have never came across Scandal’s mind because this book shows her range and how much she has grown since her last book.

The main thing I noticed is the difference in tone and style. Scandal’s moves away from bizarro and grounds us in the real world from the get go.

The novel focuses on our punk rock lesbian protagonist Ella and is told through short yet impactful vignettes. We follow her on the emotional journey on the road with her band, learning how to navigate tough relationships with lovers and homophobic muthafuckas.

Scandal’s prose is crisp, sharp and poetic at times. The dialogue in the book never feels forced and is smooth and realistic. I felt like I could really relate to this characters and genuinely cared about their lives and welfare. This is a testament to Scandal’s diverse skillset.

I could probably harp on and on about how great this book is. Just know that I read this within two days and a chill ran down my spine after reading the last page.

Jigsaw Youth is a punk rock book through and through. It’s powerful, the characters feel sincere, and when you close the book, you’ll be left wanting more.

Buy the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Jigsaw-Youth-Tiffany-Scandal/dp/1940885248/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1439231410&sr=8-1&keywords=tiffany+scandal


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The Mask Behind the Face (Book Review)

mask_behind_face_240x360The Mask Behind the Face is a short story collection written by Stuart Young. The title novella “The Mask Behind the Face” is worth the admission alone. It’s the story of a man with Pick’s disease whose behaviors, hobbies and personality traits shifts. This causes a slight rift in his family life and makes the first part of the book tense. He takes up painting (a new hobby) and becomes pretty good at it within a short time. Later, he sees the face of God shortly after taking up meditation. However, things take a dark turn and nothing is what it seems. There’s a thread of conspiracy running throughout the whole narrative that makes the narrator start to lose it. Young’s prose is lyrical and hypnotic and the pacing his excellent. I’ve tripped a few times in the past off various hallucinogens and Young does a great job of describing this elusive dream-like feeling during the meditation sessions. I’m surprised more horror fans don’t know about this book. This is novella is a cosmic horror gem and I highly recommend it.

The rest of the collection is composed of solid short stories that evoke a Twilight Zone feel and are worth a read as well. Pick this book up.

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The Strange Edge Issue #0

The Strange Edge 0Check out The Strange Edge Issue #0. Weird absurd fiction, an interview with Chris Kelso, poetry, a cover from Matthew Revert, and more. Plus, you can check out my fake album review of Black Crystal’s non-existent album Quartz Mania! The link is below and it’s FREE.


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